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  • Hector Puig

The Highest Motive

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day. Psalms 71:8

The desire to honor God should be to us the most powerful of all motives. It should lead us to make every exertion to improve the privileges and opportunities provided for us, that we may understand how to use wisely the Lord's goods. It should lead us to keep brain, bone, muscle, and nerve in the most healthful condition, that our physical strength and mental clearness may make us faithful stewards. Selfish interest, if given room to act, dwarfs the mind and hardens the heart; if allowed to control, it destroys moral power. Then disappointment comes. . . .

True success is given to men and women by the God who gave success to Daniel. He who read the heart of Daniel looked with pleasure upon His servant's purity of motive, his determination to honor the Lord. Those who in their life fulfill God's purpose must put forth painstaking effort, applying themselves closely and earnestly to the accomplishment of whatever He gives them to do.

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